Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem - WellPoint

Anthem, and of course, the daddy company WellPoint. There has just been so much news about them lately, the huge rate increases and on and on. It can make you so tired that you just want to find a nice place to relax. For a week or so. Maybe, at the Phoenician Hotel in Scottsdate, Arizona. The great looking pool with fountain and the mountains in the distance.
Nah, you know, I'm thinking more like the islands. More like Manele Bay, Hawaii, at the Four Seasons Resort. I'm sure the view from the pool overlooking the ocean is spectacular - I've seen pictures - but nah. San Diego. Beautiful city, lots of attractions, great winter weather - The Four Seasons Resort in San Diego has my vote.

Why am I even considering these fantastic resorts? 'Cause these are WellPoint Executive Retreats. Now I know I'm not an executive, or guest of an exective - yet, but my local union did sign us up for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield membership effective March 1, 2010. And WellPoint is the parent company so, the resort invite is in the mail.

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