NO Savings to Taxpayers – WI Gov. Walker

Really? No, really?

Gov. Walker, you signed into law a Wisconsin budget bill introduced and approved by the Republican controlled legislature with the support of your political allies. A Wisconsin BUDGET BILL. And yet this budget bill contains public worker union busting provisions. And what of these union busting provisions. How much money does the union busting budget bill you signed and continue to promote, save taxpayers?

Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich asked you this question April 14, 2011 during a Congressional Hearing on State and Municipal Government Debt. Let’s watch your answer given under oath. The Vid is a little over a minute.

Rep Kucinich: “How much money does it save Governor”?
Gov Walker: “That particular part doesn't save any”.
WHAAAATTTT!    IT DOESN’T SAVE WISCONSIN TAXPAYERS ANY MONEY! Then why Gov. Walker, would you promote and sign a budget “fixing” bill that includes public worker union busting language? Union busting language that won’t save the taxpayers any money. You are being open and transparent about your agenda, yes?

Below see the full 5 minute exchange between Congressman Kucinich and Walker
So Governor, one of the provisions in your bill requires Wisconsin public workers to recertify (vote to keep or oust) their union every year. What plans do you have in trying to bust Private Employee Unions?

Governor Walker, you told congress it’s about supporting worker’s rights. You and your legislative and political friends must be as equally if not more passionate about voter’s rights. Surely you support voters’ rights to just as easily recertify (vote to keep or oust) a sitting Governor, right?  Right Governor? Oh sure, Wisconsin citizens have the ability to recall, but that’s a huge burden for the voters and you want to make it easy for Wisconsin citizens. Can’t wait to hear about your Republican friends putting together and you proudly signing into law a voters’ rights bill making it easy to “recertify” a sitting governor. The citizens of Wisconsin await this next bold move.

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We keep hearing stories about this idiot. Who voted for this guy? Do they allow drinking in the voting booths in your state?

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